All physical things in nature begin with information, including ourselves. The universe does not exist independent of us, but rather as part of us in a cosmic dance. We can use this to empower us in our lives and feel joy in the illustrious participation of life.

Alan Watts, the messenger of eastern thought to the west, famously spoke about how our awareness of an experience shapes the experience itself. He described a philosophy wherein life is split not into self awareness and exterior experience, as we typically think it is. For example, he stated that you do not have a sensation of the sky but rather you are that sensation of the sky. The sky as a sensation is not separate from you, apart from what you already sense, feel and know. This is not to say that you are the sky.

If you accept this is true, then it follows that you are not a separate experiencer of the world but rather an active participant in it. It’s a sense of belonging, in many ways a yoga sense of unity.  It also creates a sense of responsibility in the individual. To truly know reality you must enter into it, be a part of it, feel it and define it.

It is also important to not be stuck in a illusory past or future rather than the ever constant present. Many people misinterpret this or use it as an excuse for instant gratification and lack of responsibility. In actuality, it means surrendering yourself to the present moment and devoting yourself to it fully. You must relax and taste the present moment, whether it be pleasurable or painful. You lose your sense of separate self and become one. 

Titans of basketball Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant all shared the same meditation teacher – George Mumford. He talked about the concept of “one breath, one mind” in reference to the team. The focus was on being present to what it is, creating a space where you can observe the moment without having to classify or identify it. In other words, he would say that conscious thinking needs to be quiet and let your body do what it does. He also spoke about his own personal journey towards finding meditation, something he writes about in his book “The Mindful Athlete: Secrets to Pure Performance”. 

It’s about having the vulnerability to forget our separate self and let go into the moment. And it’s liberating.